Monthly Archives: September 2014

There’s an Ap for That

This morning’s New York Times includes a story about the Japanese – apparently good old shiny plastic CDs still account for about 87% of music sales in the country, long on both progress and nostalgia.  As such, they still have a 9 story flagship Tower Records in Tokyo.  Here at home, the article reports that […]

Fast, Like a Gavotte

I came back to practicing after vacation and pulled out the accompaniment track I’ve been working with for Gavotte by Gossec, the final piece in Book One that I’m still seriously working on working up.  I was astonished to find that as I went back to the recording it’s just painfully slow.  Somehow while away […]

Picking up Where I Left Off

The week away did not seem to have much of an impact on my playing.  Most surprisingly, I seem to have been able to return to my newest piece, a Bourree by Handel, right where I left off.  My brain seems to have kept it in place, which was not what I expected at all, […]

Musical Dupont Circle

We’re just back from a great vacation, splitting our time away being tourists in Washington, D.C. and visiting family in Montpelier, VA.  In D.C. we stayed at a great flat in the swank and hopping Dupont Circle neighborhood, and as we explored we encountered some folks sprucing up the place musically. It’s always good to […]

King of the Road

I wrote a post on how I feel about various musical genres a few days back, and with one category in particular I always choose my words carefully – country. I have a nostalgic love for old country music, including folks like Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Hank Williams Sr., Roger Miller, and Dolly Parton. While […]

Between Siblings

Facebook Message Conversation, August 30, 2014: Ryan Libel: I just sent you a present, which is actually a present for ME. I’m hoping you’ll agree to record the accompaniment part for some of my Book 2 songs. No rush – I know you’re super busy – but I think it would be fun to play […]

Who Played the Oldest Flute in the World?

I love antique instruments. Old things in general interest me, as they do most people – some of my most memorable experiences in museums come from standing in front of an object that was never intended to last as long as it has, that has no equals, that, for this modern epoch of history at […]