Monthly Archives: August 2014

The Last Rose of Summer

It’s Labor Day weekend already, and yesterday I discovered a phenomenal new piece of music, coincidentally titled The Last Rose of Summer.  I suppose I had heard of the old Irish folk tune, but I had not heard of the composition for violin, written by Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst in the mid 1800s as the finale […]

Handel’s Flute Sonata in G Major

A Bourree is a dance, similar to a Gavotte. Suzuki Book Two includes a song called Bourree by Handel, and sources it to “Flute Sonata, Opus 1 No. 5.” That struck me as odd because I already know that Handel is one of those composers who has his own numbering system, like Bach – generally […]

Bourree on Repeat

If Dr. Suzuki insisted on something besides practice practice practice, it was listen listen listen. I did not take that to heart in Book One; I never had the CD that demos the songs.  But Book Two arrived with a CD, so I’ve been playing catch-up on the aural channel.  I’ve created an iTunes playlist […]

Opening Details

I arrived a few minutes early for a breakfast yesterday, pushing on the restaurant door even though a prominently affixed “Closed” sign remained unflipped.  As I stepped in I was told to sit anywhere, so I picked a table and took a seat, the first patron in the place – Mondays and neighborhood spots don’t […]

Fiddler on the Roof

Last night Michael and I went with a friend to a production of Fiddler on the Roof, put on by Light Opera Works in Evanston.  Teacher is in the orchestra for the show – she got us a deal on tickets – so the excursion had the distinction of being the first time I’ve ever […]

Taking My Time

As a rule, when I play for Teacher it’s not my best.  Something about her standing there causes my fingers to fail.  I see it in my own karate and in my students too – it’s even worse if you pay a compliment – a calamity is guaranteed to ensue.  Of course when I play […]

Catalogs and Needs

I have everything I need to play the violin.  Back when I started this project I wrote a couple of posts about violin stuff and, while there’s a lot of it, I’ve got it covered.  But that doesn’t stop me from looking.  My purchase of Suzuki Book Two has apparently landed me on the mailing list of […]

Musical Iowa City

Over the weekend we were in Iowa City for the wedding of two friends – an amazingly loving and big-hearted couple with friends and family to match.  It was a great weekend spent deepening friendships and enjoying the sights and tastes and sounds of a college town.  While at the wedding and while strolling around […]

Fiddler and Family

Teacher is in a production of Fiddler on the Roof, so we’re going to go see her. Since starting lessons with her she’s been in probably 3 or 4 shows but I just haven’t been able to make it work yet. Something about Fiddler is in the air for me anyhow – a friend and […]

Getting Right to It

I have to change even more – I’ve written a couple of posts about the way I practice. When I started playing, my strategy was to play all of my songs through, making them all better, then working on the most recent one the most, at the end of my practice session. Well now I’ve […]