Monthly Archives: January 2017

Vibrato Times Two

For two weeks in a row now we’ve zeroed in on vibrato in my lessons.  I’ve been working with the technique for over a year now, in fits and starts, and I can’t deny that I’ve made some real progress – but I still have so far to go.  This is my mantra with the […]

On Parsing and Pausing

We skipped two lessons over the holidays, so I had plenty of time to practice and make progress on my concerto movement.  I think Teacher noticed the progress when we had our first lesson of the new year on Tuesday.  During the lesson, we mainly focused on phrasing.  She reminded me that with classical violin, […]

Times Gone By – New Year’s 500

  Happy New Year!  WordPress informs me that this is my 500th post on Musical Me – a milestone, which, when coupled with the New Year, has me thinking big.  As I reminisce about 2016, I can’t help but conclude that it was indeed a pretty big year for me personally.  I completed my first […]