Monthly Archives: April 2015

On Posture, with a Priorities Finish

When I was a child learning how to play the violin, I sat.  I don’t remember any discussions of it at all – to sit or stand?  Obviously orchestras sit down, so playing the violin while seated is fine.  But Suzuki, in Book One, makes a point of a standing posture.  He describes it, with […]

To Read Is To Spar

Wohlfahrt’s Opus 45 is a book of etudes – pieces composed for the technical skills they build in their players.  So I assumed that’s why Teacher wanted me to get it – as a tool to help me improve my technical skills.  But in yesterday’s lesson she told me that she has another quite concrete […]

I Love Books

Teacher gave me a shopping list last week.  In addition to Suzuki Book Three (which I’ve already got and am listening to like a good Suzuki Kid), she recommended three supplements to the Suzuki series for this stage of my playing.  They are books of exercises; they should arrive tomorrow.  Based on the reviews online, […]

Beethoven and Lenin – Anything but a Travesty

Tom Stoppard, in his eccentrically witty and brilliant play Travesties, juxtaposes choice historical figures as they might have been had they all gathered together in a library in 1917 Zurich.  Stoppard can be forgiven for allowing caricature to reign in the work, since that’s the point; as _______ as any one of us frail humans […]

There Is No Finish Line

We made it through to the end of the Boccherini Minuet in Wednesday’s lesson, and with it the end of Suzuki Book Two.  I love this minuet – it’s extremely fun to play, and, while challenging, the technical details are not such that I feel I won’t be able to make the piece sound OK […]

Hilary Hahn – Mozart 5, Vieuxtemps 4

I’ve not mentioned Hilary Hahn before except once in passing, but as far as violinists go she is one of the greats – everybody thinks so.  I have thought that she makes the violin sound like it has buttons.  There’s a phenomenal YouTube recording of her playing Mozart’s 3rd Violin Concerto for Pope Benedict’s birthday […]

Canon in D

On Monday the ubiquitous wedding march Canon in D, by Johann Pachelbel, popped into my head.  I’m not really sure why – I do enjoy the tune, but it’s quite well-represented by others in the universe.  I’ve never considered it to be one of my favorites, personally speaking.  But it did occur to me that […]