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Earlier this year, two of my nieces had lead roles in their high school production of Oklahoma! – while I couldn’t be there in person, one of the performances was filmed, and I was able to watch it last night.  Prior to that, I’d never seen the show and really knew nothing about it except […]

Graduating Swing Lessons

Over the long weekend, I was out of town visiting family for my oldest niece’s high school graduation.  Her graduating class was 11 people (my own was about 400!), and I think most of them and many more made an appearance at her after-graduation party, which doubled as her 18th birthday party.  It was also […]

Christmas 2016

We’re just back from our annual trek to Kansas to visit my family for Christmas – we were fortunate to have had excellent weather for the duration – some years, including last, weather has sidelined us into roadside motels as we make our way to and fro’.  The rental Explorer performed great and our hotel […]

Christmas Lesson

Due to Teacher being quite busy this time of year, we had my lesson on Monday this week.  The week before, I showed Teacher that I had downloaded some simple Christmas tunes, and she suggested that we could spend a good chunk of this week’s lesson playing duets, so after playing my concerto through once […]


Last night was our first night in a new condo – a fabulous space we just closed on in a historic downtown building.  We spent the night on an airbed that we’ll soon retire for guests; we don’t have much else here except the makings for coffee, as the movers are scheduled to do their […]

Perlman and Stern and Me

I’ve been slowly getting around to all nine of the CDs in the Perlman collection that my parents gave me for my birthday back in May – I’ve been taking them wildly out of order, but this morning I loaded up the first CD from the collection into iTunes.  It opens with the Bach Concerto […]

Pride Day 2016 – for Pulse and for Humanity

Early in my young gay life, one gay club meant everything.  The part of my coming out in Wichita, Kansas that didn’t happen late nights at Denny’s with friends happened at a place called “The Our Fantasy Complex,” which everyone called “Fantasy” for short.  From its opening in the 1970s until closing for good just […]