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Reading Music and Shifting

Violin music is often annotated with fingerings that, amongst other things, indicate when position shifting is necessary.  Suzuki books do a lot of marking fingerings for beginners, but other scores do it too.  As I’ve progressed, I’ve gained more and more ability to do shifting on the fly – while it’s been slow going, as […]

Memorization and the Play-Through

Getting to the spot in a new piece of music where I can play it through without stopping is always a thrill.  After yesterday’s lesson I am much closer on this newest piece – we worked through the remaining section of the Third Movement of Seitz’s Fifth Concerto, a flowing stretch of slurred sixteenth notes […]

Memory and The Suzuki Way

Memory and learning are horribly unfair beasts.  Very little is understood about the way humans store information, but what we do know is that most learning is associative – that is, we attach bits of information, or associate them, with other bits of information we already know.  A corollary to that idea is the fact […]

Bell – Then and Now

   I’m pretty sure I saw Joshua Bell in Wichita in 1994.  But until a minute ago I was pretty sure 1994 was the 25th anniversary season of the Wichita Symphony Orchestra.  It was not – I just learned that 1994 was the 50th anniversary season of my hometown symphony.  1994 was also the year I […]

Memory:  A Theme and Variations

Suzuki Book Three opens with a Gavotte by Martini – the Suzuki Book doesn’t cite the source work’s title, but the site I found the other day sources it to Martini’s Sonate D’intavolatura per L’organo e il Cembalo Sonata No. 12: V. Gavotta.  The piece is a theme and variations kind of number, and I’ve […]

A Milestone

My memories from when I played the violin as a child are limited and specious – I very much wish my recollections of those third through sixth grade years were stronger.  But one thing that sticks well in the brains of humans is anticipation, and as a youngster, I definitely remember anticipating this important thing […]

Musical ABCs

We started in on the Progressive Scales book yesterday – a book by Linda Rose that’s all about teaching Music Proper.  I had already started reading it – the book opens with a description of all of the scales, majors, minors, relatives, melodic, harmonic, natural (apparently some are considered enharmonic) – it’s all a bit […]