Monthly Archives: December 2015

The Romance of Bell

In 2002 Joshua Bell had a new $4 million violin.  He had just saved the Huberman Stradivarius from ending up with a collector who intended it for a museum, the last place instruments of that caliber need to be.  To raise the cash Bell sold his own Stradivarius for two million and somehow managed to […]

Family Music

We’re just back from our annual Christmas trip to see the family in Wichita, KS – the weather on the return leg of the journey turned our one day road trip into two, with an unplanned stay in ice-blanketed Cameron, MO on Monday night, but otherwise the trip was wonderful and we had a great […]

Setting the Mood, Softly

Michael and I are in Wichita for our annual Christmas with family trip, and yesterday we shared meals first with my parents at their house, then at my grandmother’s house a few short miles away.  On both occasions, the two generations up from us had given attention to background Christmas music.  Mom and Dad had […]

Accounting for Christmas Taste

I’ve always loved traditional music.  When I was a kid and kids my age were supposed to be favoring the “black shirt bands” – at least that’s what I called them – I just could never see what everyone saw in the music;  I definitely couldn’t hear anything lovely either.  While over the years I’ve […]

Unexpected Pleasures

I was talking to Michael last night about expectations.  Suzuki learners are supposed to listen a lot, so I do.  A CD comes with the books, and when I’ve purchased a new one I’ve listened to them quite a bit, to the point that the tunes are familiar and I can hum along with them.  […]

The New and the Not-So-New

My new song – the Book Three Becker Gavotte – is quite challenging.  I’m getting close to the point where I can play it through, but I’m not there yet.  I am not close at all on the memorization.  There are some complicated bowing indications, and being in tune is a constant challenge – there’s […]

Musical Doodle

I generally ignore Google Doodles, but when presented with a caricature of Beethoven with keyboard first thing this morning as I opened up my laptop I couldn’t help myself – apparently it’s the classical master’s 245th birthday; he was born in December of 1770, but the precise day has been lost. Google’s Beethoven birthday celebration […]