Opinions – Everybody’s Got ‘Em

Teacher made a comment in my lesson last week about the fact that I seem to like all the songs she brings my way via the Suzuki series. Indeed it’s true – where violin music is concerned at this stage of my playing I seem to have relatively undeveloped tastes as it pertains to what I want to be playing.

The hope of injecting some musical passion into my life is a main reason I started this blog, and it has worked. I’m listening to violin music all the time now, and that listening spills over to the rest of the classical genre. The genre, when spoken of generically, includes the other periods, I think, but I’m not uniform in my appreciation for them. I love baroque and classical, most romantic works for me, and modern is a tough nut to crack sometimes but I generally have fun trying. New, “experimental” efforts I’ll take one at a time but I generally lack the knowledge to appreciate them. I tend to enjoy jazz fusions.

I think Pop probably includes most of my likes outside of Classical – many groups I liked in my younger days (and still cling to) were labeled “alternative” and I think mostly they are all considered some version of pop now. In pop I think we also often work with decade labels – when broken down that way I am pretty much on board with all of them from the 1920s on. (Prior to that I simply don’t know what the sounds of the decade would have been! I’m sure I’d like them well enough too.)  The closer to “now” we get the less knowledge I have of pop.

I tend to like folksy folks quite a bit, and if “showtunes” don’t fit in anywhere else then count me in for those as well.

R&B is a mixed bag that I tend to like plenty well.

“World” is another mixed bag that I tend to like plenty well.

I like jazz but am not a consumer.

Rap/Hip Hop, the part of it that has not merged with pop, is something that I don’t really go in for at all.

Three genres I will almost never listen to are Contemporary Country, “Heavy Metal,” and Contemporary Christian.

So there you have it – genre opinions; I think I mentioned most of the big ones. But, to reiterate, I’m just not too passionate about much except loving Classical.

Thanks for reading.


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