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Shifting Away

If the final Seitz concerto movement exists in the Suzuki repertoire to help students conquer double stops, the Vivaldi concerto’s job must be to ensure that shifting to third position and back becomes old hat.  I have a whole book of position shifting exercises that I’ve dabbled with – I daresay more focus there would […]

Vibrato.  Double Stops. Palpitations.

Teacher has been gently encouraging me to really hone in on vibrato.  Of course I’ve been working it for a while, but the recent encouragement is doing me some good.  I feel I’ve made some great progress in only two weeks or so, which is rewarding.  I feel I’m on the verge of “getting it,” […]

Doubling Down

I’ve been wading through this exceptionally difficult series of double stops (playing notes on different strings simultaneously, creating chords) in Seitz 5’s Third Movement for weeks now.  I just counted – the uninterrupted series of double stops goes on for 25 measures!  The past couple of days I do feel like I’ve broken through a […]

Late Night Tune-Up

My violin case fell from the seat to the floor of our rental SUV as we made our long annual holiday drive down to Wichita from Chicago yesterday.  At our next stop, I opened the case to find two of the strings had loosened, a not-uncommon occurrence for the instrument – in fact it’s possible […]

Time and Angles

When I started playing over three years ago, my practice sessions wouldn’t last more than 45 minutes, but as the months went by I started to increase my practice time.  I worked up to days when I kept it up for over two hours.  But then in July of 2015, I had a pretty significant […]

Practice, and Thanksgiving

I had my first lesson in the new place this past week, but the room where I will likely land to play permanently, a sunny corner of the dining room, is currently our staging area and the only remaining room that’s encumbered by boxes.  Instead, I set up for our lesson in a corner of […]

Moving and Winter

My playing has suffered as settling into the new place has taken precedence.  I did practice for a bit one of the first nights we were here, last Saturday – it was lovely to stroll around our empty new place and play the violin.  But since then, the movers came and went and we’ve been […]