Coincidental Yentl

‘Tis the season of the Jewish-themed musical – at least it is for Michael and me! Two weeks off of our wonderful Fiddler experience, here we are in Washington D.C., and as I scouted around yesterday for an evening cultural excursion I found tickets to see Yentl tonight. The new production features new music by Jill Sobule and Robin Eaton and is being put on by the D.C. Jewish Community Center, a lively looking organization here in Dupont Circle, where we coincidentally have a nice AirBnB flat for our stay.

Incidentally, my scouting around was not particularly random – our host’s assistant, who met us here at the flat to get us settled in, works for the organization and included it in a tremendously helpful list of area points of interest. It’s also clear that our host herself actively sponsors and volunteers with the org, as she has a couple of nice aprons hanging about the kitchen that indicate precisely that – they’re promotional giveaway type things used primarily to thank sponsors.

The only time I’ve seen a Yentl is Barbra’s movie version, and I was scarcely an adolescent at the time. I’m excited to think through the themes with all the extra context I’ve managed to pack into my brain since I was a tween. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Thanks for reading.


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