Vacation Time

I’m heading out here in an hour or so for a much-needed (and, dare I say, much deserved!) vacation.  We’ll be in Washington, D.C. being tourists and in rural Virginia visiting family.  Since beginning the violin, travel brings a bit of sadness, as doing so with the instrument is too impractical for my level of need.  No need to risk the instrument on a plane – I didn’t buy a case well-suited to air travel anyway.

But this will be the longest I’ve been away from playing since I began.  This past week has been quite exceptionally busy as I’ve done a week’s work ahead of time, and I’ve not been able to practice since my Wednesday lesson.  I’ll need quite the warm-up when I get back!  But as usual while on the road, I’ll be looking for musical muses as we go, posting as I’m able.

Thanks for reading.


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