Monthly Archives: April 2017

Perlman at the Opera House

The category of violinists that includes players of the caliber of 71 year old Israeli-American Itzhak Perlman is tiny; based on his career and raw ability over a lifetime many would argue that he’s simply the best living.  I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him twice – in Wichita, KS in 1994, during the Wichita […]

Vibrato.  Double Stops. Palpitations.

Teacher has been gently encouraging me to really hone in on vibrato.  Of course I’ve been working it for a while, but the recent encouragement is doing me some good.  I feel I’ve made some great progress in only two weeks or so, which is rewarding.  I feel I’m on the verge of “getting it,” […]

One Hand Clapping

Prior to yesterday it had been three weeks since my last lesson – Teacher cancelled one, then I was away unexpectedly last week.  But in the meantime, I had been working on my bow hold, which we focused on when we last met as paramount to improvement in my execution of double stops.  To the […]

The Way of Life Long Learning

One of my major goals in taking up the violin as an adult was to add another dimension to my pursuit as a lifelong student.  My martial arts training has been immeasurably important to me for many reasons, but one of the most profound is the way it’s helped me internalize learning as a process […]