Between Siblings

Facebook Message Conversation, August 30, 2014:

Ryan Libel: I just sent you a present, which is actually a present for ME. I’m hoping you’ll agree to record the accompaniment part for some of my Book 2 songs. No rush – I know you’re super busy – but I think it would be fun to play with you! Would love especially the Brahms Waltz at the moment…and Paganini’s Witch’s Dance in a few moments (weeks) (-: ? OK, big favor, I know. The music will arrive at your house next week from [retailer] to entice you into accepting the challenge. (-:

Supremely Gifted Musical Sister: Sounds really fun! I’d love to give it a try! Will be looking for its arrival 🙂


Text Message Conversation, September 9, 2014


SGMS: Look what came in the mail just now! The Brahms Waltz and Paganini look fine. I will figure out the best way to record them and do it! Very fun, and looking forward to it, thanks!

If you use a metronome at all and could give me an approximate tempo that might be good. Not totally necessary though.

I mean an approximate tempo at which you would like to play it.

RL: Wonderful! Sorry slow to reply, we are on vacation…don’t have ability to really answer tempo question very knowledgeably I’m afraid…If it comes with tempo indicators you can follow them! If it seems too fast and you feel up to it you could record a slower and a speedier version too – some youtubers do that. Thank you so much! Looking forward to playing with you! If you want to do Bourree (Handel) while you’re at it I won’t mind!

We just got to Montpelier VA this afternoon after a few days in DC. Back to Chi Fri.

SGMS: Great, sounds good! Have a great time!

Also I just realized the Bourree is the exact one I played when I accompanied for solo/ensemble festival at [musical friend’s] school last April. Fun!

And I played through the others just now – they will be no problem and it will be fun to put it together!

RL: So glad it’s not a big chore! Looking forward to it!


Life is good.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Cracking up at “SGMS”–haha:)

  2. […] came home from a long day yesterday to find a lovely present in my e-mail inbox – the accompaniment tracks I asked my pianist sister to record for me!  Of course I played my violin before I dealt with […]

  3. […] After dinner was done and the gifts were all opened last night at my family Christmas gathering, we took a few minutes to make some music.  We began with a carol sing-along, accompanied by my Supremely Gifted Musical Sister at Mom’s piano.  In anticipation of our annual musical moment, I brought my violin along imagining that I might take the opportunity to share a couple of my songs, since my family has been so very supportive of my playing.  I brought my music for Oh Holy Night, and SGMS came prepared with the Suzuki Book Two piano accompaniment book I sent her back in September. […]

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