Monthly Archives: February 2017

Reading up on Carmen

This coming Friday we’re off to the opera with some friends – the renowned Lyric of Chicago’s current production of the Bizet classic Carmen.  Though I’ve never been to the Lyric before, and I have seen very little opera otherwise, I do know that it’s best to learn plenty before going.  So this morning I’ve […]

This Is Country

I just downloaded Alison Krauss’s new album – Windy City, the Bluegrass Queen’s first release in six years and the first one I’ve purchased (though we do have the Oh Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack).  Nostalgia flared as I read Jewly Hight’s New York Times review of Krauss’s new collection of country and bluegrass covers […]

A Conductor at 100

Ed Simons has conducted the Rockland Symphony since he founded it – in 1952.  He turned 100 on February 1 and is considered the oldest living conductor.  His career in music began as a young child when his father exposed him to classical greats.  He took up the violin at age 9, and has been […]

Corelli and Reading Ahead

Arcangelo Corelli was a violinist and composer of the Baroque era, born in 1653.  He was active in Italy from an early age, and did much to enhance the prominence of the violin. Wikipedia also reports that his work was instrumental in formalizing the sonata form, and in bringing harmony to violin music. It seems […]

Duets and Moving On

Tuesday’s lesson was a blast – Teacher brought some music so we could play duets.  First we did the Seitz 5, the first movement – the movement I’ve been working on as my newest piece for a good while now.  The accompaniment part she played is based on the piano accompaniment included on the Suzuki […]