Campy musicals are more or less defined by The Rocky Horror Picture Show – I first saw the classic supported by all its pomp and circumstance at an old theatre in Wichita, KS more than 20 years ago.  It’s a Halloween favorite, though I don’t think the season had much to do with my and […]

My lesson yesterday was fun – we played through my new Wohlfahrt etude, number four, which Teacher tells me can be thought of rhythmically as run puppy.  It’s all repeating pattern of eighth then sixteenth notes.  Run puppy run puppy run puppy run puppy.  Having a pneumonic for the pattern helps quite a bit.  Though […]

Well I’m late to my own birthday party. I launched Musical Me three years ago Friday, on October 14, 2013.  As this chronicle – now approaching 500 posts – attests, my musical journey has been fulfilling in all the ways I hoped it might, though it’s true that my posts over the past year have […]

In yesterday’s lesson we made it through the rest of the Seitz movement – challenges abound, and I’ll be working on it for a good while – there’s a section of double stops that’s my longest yet by far, and some chords at the end that are exceedingly tough to nail, including one that I’m […]

I’ve realized that music is paving my way into being a middle aged human.  Don’t worry – I’m not jumping the gun – at barely forty I’d like to  think I’m not there quite yet! But I’ve touched on this journey before – the music of my youth was the music of my God.  I […]

The new Seitz movement – the First of the Fifth Concerto – is difficult, but also quite fun to work on.  Last week’s lesson took me just a little over halfway through it.  The section I started last week brought a shift from D Major to E Major – my first time working in the […]

Somehow, three months after starting it, I managed to play through the Seitz from memory for Teacher in Tuesday’s lesson, and she declared it passed.  I had to be honest, of course, and told her that particular play-through was the second time ever I’d accomplished the big doubled sixteenth note section of the piece without […]