Somehow, three months after starting it, I managed to play through the Seitz from memory for Teacher in Tuesday’s lesson, and she declared it passed.  I had to be honest, of course, and told her that particular play-through was the second time ever I’d accomplished the big doubled sixteenth note section of the piece without […]

Tuesday’s lesson brought a new etude from Wolfhart – there are sixty etudes in this book, and two years in I’m now on number three.  They are lovely sets that Teacher uses to practice sight reading and bowing – each etude can be played with many bowing variations.  The first two were in C-Major, so […]

It’s interesting to me that on certain days certain sections of my current Seitz piece – movement three of the second concerto – seem harder than others.  It’s also interesting to drill down on what hard means.  There’s playing the notes, there’s memorization, and there’s musicality.  There’s also technique independent of what I need to […]

I’ve come a long way since the end of Book Two, but I basically left the Boccherini Minuet, the book’s finale, in the dust sometime in the middle of Book Three.  For whatever reason I haven’t been as motivated to keep it active as I have with some of the other Suzuki pieces.  Because I […]

Mame presents the story of an upper-crust woman who gains custody of her nephew after the death of her brother.  The family clearly had money – the boy and his nanny arrive in the New York party pad of Auntie Mame and first meet her as she’s hosting a soiree combining prohibition booze, top entertainers […]

I had a lesson yesterday – my first in three weeks.  I’ve been playing well enough recently, but I was out of town for a long weekend just prior to the lesson, so I worried about being rusty.  Happily, rustiness wasn’t much of a problem.  I’ve very nearly memorized the Seitz concerto, the first piece in […]