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Teacher and I have a mutual 10 year old friend; she’s how we came to know one another.  Unfortunately, she’s been injured due to some whiplash-type trauma and unable to play the violin for a few months.  As she’s been trying to get back into it, she’s been working with a physical therapist her parents […]

We’re All Playing the Same Instrument

I’m sure others have done it, but Pablo de Sarasate and Niccolo Paganini are two legends (see yesterday’s greats list) who specialized in writing breathtaking compositions for the violin that highlighted their own immense capabilities with the instrument.  Many of the pieces they wrote have become well-known showpieces for violinists; these pieces, when played as their […]


My find of Mischa Elman playing Gavotte yesterday helped me realize that I don’t really know who the best violinists in the world are.  I have followed some names over the course of my lifetime – Isaac Stern (now deceased), Izhak Perlman, Joshua Bell, Janine Jensen – and I’ve also known to appreciate older names […]

Mischa Elman Plays Gavotte

The song I’ve been polishing the most remains Gavotte, by the French composer Gossec.  Teacher says it will remain the most technically challenging song in my repertoire until near the middle of Book 2.  I am continuing to greatly enjoy working with it. I found a YouTube of Mischa Elman playing the song – I […]

The 11 Year Old Pianist

“Hey E, you know I play the violin?” “No, I didn’t.” “I know you play the piano.” “Yeah.” “For how long?” “About 8 years.” “Wow!” “Yeah.” “I hear you’re pretty good.  Did you start with Suzuki or Yamaha?” “When I started I just had this little red piano.” (smiling and gesturing about 18 inches with […]


My new song is from an opera called Der Freischütz, by Carl Maria von Weber, a German composer born in 1786.  Wikipedia reports the opera, first performed in 1821, is widely considered to be the first major German Romantic opera.  The Hunter’s Chorus, my song, is a popular piece to excerpt from the work.  It’s […]

Are You Kidding Me with This?

In Musette, the final note is a D, which I’ve typically been playing on the A string because, well, that’s what the music would seem to indicate and that’s all I’ve known how to do.  I was thrown for a wonderful loop during my lesson yesterday when, the second time playing through the piece, Teacher […]