The 11 Year Old Pianist

“Hey E, you know I play the violin?”

“No, I didn’t.”

“I know you play the piano.”


“For how long?”

“About 8 years.”



“I hear you’re pretty good.  Did you start with Suzuki or Yamaha?”

“When I started I just had this little red piano.” (smiling and gesturing about 18 inches with his hands)

“You started playing on that!”

“Yeah.” Laughing, “It would just go ‘clink clink clink.’”

“Guess you’ve moved on now – hope I get to hear you play sometime.  Looks like it’s time for your class.”


Overall, I was happy to get a little more than “yeah” out of him, which, as anyone who works with tween boys knows, often counts as a big success.  The power of music!

Thanks for reading.


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