Most people who love them learned to appreciate Erasure at least two decades ago.  Not me.  While my peers were appreciating the electronic greats of pop culture during the late 1980s, I was utterly oblivious and doing other things.  Mostly, when it comes to pop music, I still am.  I really could not tell you a single artist on the Top 40 charts right now – it would be a pie-in-the-sky guess.

But I did eventually get around to Erasure.  My renewed interest came out of a lunch with a friend a few years ago – the band’s song A Little Respect came on the overhead speakers, I said something like “I love this song,” and my friend said something about “Erasure is the best,” which I did not know enough to know.  My friend proceeded to tell me some anecdotes about a party boy friend of his getting pretty cozy with Andy Bell, Erasure’s front man, a number of years back at a hotel room bash here in town when the band came through.  Apparently the group does not begrudge itself the rock star lifestyle.

We chatted about Bell and Erasure, and as he brought up song after song that I knew I realized that I really love their music.  I went home and watched some YouTube videos, and then downloaded about 10 songs – to this day one of my very few by-the-song purchases from itunes.  So many greats – A Little Respect, Star, Always, I Love to Hate You, Blue Savannah – most of them had made their way into my head over the years, with varying degrees of familiarity.  I could hum along and enjoyed all of them.

But one that was entirely new to me was Chorus.  The video is about as perfect 80s as it gets:

Thanks for reading.


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