Moving On, Yet Stuck

Well I can’t do it anymore – starting with Twinkle Twinkle and working through all my songs leaves me no time to practice my newer songs.  Yesterday I spent about 15 minutes warming up with scales and arpeggios and the G Major tunes in Book One that lead up to Gavotte.  I then spent about 20 minutes with Gavotte, then about 20 minutes with Judas and Musette.

As I played, I thought about how to proceed with my practice in the coming days now that I’ve gone off the rails.   Obviously I have to practice my newest songs the most, but I also really want to continue to make the minuets better, and I’m positively gusto about making Gavotte sound good.

Maybe today I’ll start with the Minuets.  It all feels so advanced.  It might seem silly, but I’m impressed with the songs I can play now.  I really wouldn’t have thought I would be working on this kind of music nine months into taking this instrument back up.  As I’ve written, I have no memory of the kinds of music I played when younger.  But I have some idea that I’m playing better now than I was after three years playing as a child.

Teacher suggested an every other song approach a while back.  But really I just want to keep playing Gavotte.  I’m kind of obsessed.

Thanks for reading.


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