Mischa Elman Plays Gavotte

The song I’ve been polishing the most remains Gavotte, by the French composer Gossec.  Teacher says it will remain the most technically challenging song in my repertoire until near the middle of Book 2.  I am continuing to greatly enjoy working with it.

I found a YouTube of Mischa Elman playing the song – I think you’ll be impressed by what it sounds like in the hands of one of the twentieth century’s greats!

Thanks for reading.



  1. […] find of Mischa Elman playing Gavotte yesterday helped me realize that I don’t really know who the best violinists in the world are.  […]

  2. […] that with the perspective of a beginner violinist listening to something like Mischa Elman’s Gavotte while trying to play the same piece!  It really seems as though we’re not playing the same […]

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