Monthly Archives: March 2014

Girls Girls Girls

This morning my thoughts are turning to folksy women – Tracy Chapman and The Indigo Girls.  The artists were significant to me when I was a young adult, and I still very much enjoy their voices and their style of music.  It occurs to me that I know nothing about what they’ve been up to […]

A Debutante at 100

This is my 100th post on Musical Me, happening on the five month anniversary of the blog’s creation.  To mark the moment, I’ve finally decided to come out about this project, so welcome to you! I do not blog about blogging – this is a first.  But on the occasion of my 100th post, retrospection […]

Moisture and a Minuet

As the Chicago winter has worn on, mercilessly, the air has been dry.  Cold air is always dry, but the hygrometer in my new violin case provides some data – when the case arrived, it read about 30% humidity, but within two days it read 0% humidity.  It stayed there, and I actually began to […]

High Three

I’ve posted on low second finger, a necessary feature of playing in G major on the A and E strings.  Low 2 is coming along.  I do struggle with being in tune, so I’m drilling a lot of G major scales and arpeggios to try to train my fingers into the low 2 groove.  Of […]

The Vieuxtemps Guarneri

The Vieuxtemps Guarneri is a 1741 instrument that recently found a new home with premier violinist Anne Akiko Meyers.  The new, unnamed owner of the instrument worked out a deal with Meyers whereby it is on loan to her for the rest of the musician’s life – one of the conditions on which she made […]

Looks Are Not Everything

Recently, I’ve discovered another pop violinist – David Garrett.  He is a crossover performer, like Vanessa Mae, and has quite a following.  He’s German, and was, as most famous violinists were, a child prodigy.  Wikipedia reports that the German president gave him his first Stradivarius at the age of 11. Garrett’s showy style evolved over […]

Denouement – DENIED!

You set up the dominoes then finally get to knock the first one down. You climb the high dive, stand perched at its edge, then leap. The hero lives happily ever after. You play half a Bach minuet for a week, then get to play 2/3 of it for another week. One of these is […]


I’m only 4 lines of 10 into this second Bach minuet, so it’s likely that in today’s lesson I’ll get through the rest.  I don’t go ahead by myself – I feel I have plenty to polish, and I expect Teacher to dole out the new stuff as she thinks I’m ready. I think my […]

More Stuff

The Chicago winter, my teacher’s habit of keeping one, and my desire to do right by my 87 year old instrument resulted in my ordering a little humidifier – dry air is the main risk to older instruments (well, carelessness, I suppose, is the biggest risk!).  The hygrometer in my spiffy new case reports virtually […]

The Radio Ranch

Growing up, my grandpa and grandma listened to a country radio station in Wichita, KS called “KFDI – The Radio Ranch.”  It was the old school country western music station, at least that’s what it became as a new school of country music emerged sometime in my late elementary school years.  Rock and Roll and […]