Looks Are Not Everything

Recently, I’ve discovered another pop violinist – David Garrett.  He is a crossover performer, like Vanessa Mae, and has quite a following.  He’s German, and was, as most famous violinists were, a child prodigy.  Wikipedia reports that the German president gave him his first Stradivarius at the age of 11.

Garrett’s showy style evolved over time – he was born in 1981 and I saw a rather staid video of him at age 14 with a symphony; it was all quite proper.  But since he’s become an adult he tends to favor rocker-garb.  Fortunately, he backs up his well-crafted image with amazing talent.

Here’s a representative performance – “Viva La Vida,” I believe a song by the pop band Coldplay.  The vid has over 4 million views on YouTube:

Thanks for reading.



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