High Three

I’ve posted on low second finger, a necessary feature of playing in G major on the A and E strings.  Low 2 is coming along.  I do struggle with being in tune, so I’m drilling a lot of G major scales and arpeggios to try to train my fingers into the low 2 groove.  Of course they have to be flexible – there are accidentals a-plenty in these Bach minuets, so the low two trips up to the regular two spot often.  And, of course, when I hop over to the D or G string anytime in G major the 2 still needs to be regular as well.

Another feature of this second minuet is high three on the A string.  Yes, that’s an accidental D#, which requires me to get my ring finger all the way up next to my pinkie.  Using the pinkie – 4th finger – as a landmark is, with my present ability to locate its spot precisely, just shy of folly.  The minuet goes B >slur>D#, E, F#.  I’ve played those four notes in succession dozens of times and they still sound like the rustiest door hinge in the world opening onto television static.

One problem might be that I’m stopping in the middle of this little phrase – the notes continue upward past this point, and I’m only stopping because it’s a line break in the piece.  My fingers and ears can feel the need to go on, but then I just stop and hang there on the F#.  I think I’ll get the rest of the minuet tomorrow.  Hopefully by then the hinge will have found a little oil.

Thanks for reading.


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