Denouement – DENIED!

  • You set up the dominoes then finally get to knock the first one down.
  • You climb the high dive, stand perched at its edge, then leap.
  • The hero lives happily ever after.
  • You play half a Bach minuet for a week, then get to play 2/3 of it for another week.

One of these is not like the other.

Yesterday’s lesson was a great example of what happens when I anticipate.  I love what I’ve learned of this new piece so far – 2/3 of my new Bach minuet after yesterday’s lesson.  But I assumed that in the lesson that we would get through the rest of it.  The piece has 10 lines, all of which repeat at some point, but I was through four of ten and now I’m through six of ten.

Granted, they are by far the most difficult six lines I’ve learned how to play to date.  I need a lot of work to become even minimally proficient with them; it took us the whole lesson to get through the new bit.  So I have another week to walk around with one sock on.  I must continue to strive to live in the moment.

Thanks for reading.


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