Two Songs in Two Days

I received the music for the Chamber Music Festival last night, and I’m itching to practice.  Happily, they are tunes with which I’m quite familiar – Amazing Grace, for which I’ll be playing the violin 2 part, and Simple Gifts, for which I’ll play violin 1.  Neither of my parts is the top melody line with which I’m quite familiar, so it will be fun to see what my parts sound like when I start to work them up here in a bit.

Teacher is coming later, and I’ve read through the music and already have a couple of questions for her (I have yet to play a single triplet, and my part in Amazing Grace is chock-full of them, for example).  As I mentioned yesterday, the timing of Teacher needing to move this week’s lesson to today versus yesterday is serendipitous indeed.  Happily, the pieces are in G, A, and D – keys I’ve been working with for quite a while.  Both arrangements do modulate, but I think I’ll be fine to handle that part of the scores.

The scores are for violin 1, violin 2, and cello, and the score for Simple Gifts also includes a piano part.  I’m not sure whether we’ll be playing with a pianist or not, but the organizer of the festival did give me a bit of information about the folks rounding out my trio – I’m so looking forward to meeting them and to having this chamber music experience on Saturday.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Kristen · · Reply

    Two great songs!!! Can someone record this event? Is Michael coming along with you?! Is love to hear you play, especially in this type of setting!

  2. Julie Libel · · Reply

    Can’t wait to hear how it turns out, Ryan!

  3. I don’t think Michael’s coming – it’s very far away! I don’t know if there will be a recording either. There are concurrent normal kids programs along with the adult program, so based on my experience with children performing I can guarantee some parents will be filming some kids!

  4. […] I do know these songs I’m scrambling to prepare for the Chamber Music Festival tomorrow, I am not playing the melody.  My part in Simple Gifts is […]

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