Patience But

I have been accepted into the Saturday Chamber Music workshop in Naperville despite my late registration, but I still have no music.  The coordinator e-mailed me late last night and indicated she would send me music this morning.  I sure hope so!  I really need to get going on it.  Serendipitously, Teacher moved today’s lesson to tomorrow, so if indeed I get the music then at least I’ll have a lesson with her wherein we can focus on the piece.  That will be quite useful, I’m sure.

So it seems I will have two days with the music – two weeks would have been far better!  I’m hopeful that when I get it I’ll be able to find some recordings online to help me.  Perhaps I’ll get up early and put on the mute tomorrow morning and just play for hours.  The biggest surprise from the correspondence was a need to bring a folding music stand to the workshops.  I have one, but I’m not crazy about needing to schlep it out to the burbs on the train.  This thing is happening at a university – surely they have some music stands!

Thanks for reading.


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  1. I’ll be anxious to hear how it goes!!!

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