Not Simple

While I do know these songs I’m scrambling to prepare for the Chamber Music Festival tomorrow, I am not playing the melody.  My part in Simple Gifts is not too bad at all – I can basically sight read it smoothly and without major problems.

Amazing Grace, however, is quite a bit more complicated.  During yesterday’s lesson I actually thought to myself, “I’m sight reading a jazz symphony.”  The rhythm – a major key to playing with others – is by far the most complicated I’ve ever encountered – a sixteenth note framed by dotted eighth notes, for just one example.  I mentioned the triplets yesterday, and those are another wrench in the works.  I’ll play my first-ever double stop in a performance tomorrow afternoon.

I only have this morning to get it up to par.  And I’ll actually settle for a double bogey.  Clap softly and wish me luck at the festival tomorrow!

Thanks for reading.



  1. “Trip-uh-let, Trip-uh-let, trip-uh-let.” Perhaps not the most scientific way of counting triplets, but it works every time!:) You will do great tomorrow–have fun and learn a lot! Looking forward to a blog about it!!

  2. […] a pair of young student coaches, who allowed our group to try to get going on Amazing Grace.  As I wrote before, this arrangement of Amazing Grace and my violin 2 part was quite difficult for me, and I quickly […]

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