Chamber of One?

Due to my back pain extravaganza, I registered quite late for the chamber music festival I mentioned a while back. I missed the deadline, and while Teacher said that would probably be OK (she checked with the organizers) the main practical effect is that I have not had the same amount of time with the music that I assume all other participants will have had.  In fact I have yet to receive the music at all.

As of the beginning of last week I have returned to practicing with gusto, and my back seems not at all the worse for the wear, so that’s encouraging.  I’m trying to get my playing up to the best level it can be, in the event that I do end up out there in Naperville sight reading this piece for the festival.  I very much hope that’s not the case – readers and practitioners know that Suzuki’s method does not prioritize sight reading at all.  For me it would sure be great if I could also hear some recordings of the piece before I get to Naperville and am expected to play it.

I did an evaluation along with the application for the day of workshops that asked me questions about my musical abilities – length of time playing, repertoire, practice habits – so clearly they do their best to create productive groups of like-talent.  I’m pretty excited, but also a bit intimidated as it’s my first time playing for anyone outside of family and Teacher.  This lack of music has me checking my e-mail rather compulsively in the hopes that each notification chirp will bring the score.  Not yet.

Thanks for reading.


PS: I just gave a call to see if shaking the tree might help – I found out that there’s a chance that I might be put with another violin and a cello for the workshop, and that I should hear back today from them.  I hope so!

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