Ryan Plays Chamber Music?

I have the opportunity to go to a day-long conference on August 15 for people like me interested in exploring chamber music.  Teacher says the adult track at this chamber music event was created by a woman who was older when she began playing.  I’m not sure if she plays the violin, but she calls the track “NTL” – never too late.  I’ve wanted to try my hand at playing with others – my brother-in-law brought it up as something that would be beneficial to my efforts a while back; I agree, and I also just think it will be fun.

Apparently once I register for the conference there will be some sort of evaluation of my playing level, then they’ll figure out which group to stick me in and send me some music.  I’ll get to work with the music in between then and the conference so the sooner I register the better!  The idea is that most players will come with a familiarity with the music.  The day is pretty intense, with morning and afternoon long practice then coaching sessions, and then a performance at the end.

For some reason I’ve never nailed down my understanding of chamber music with a formal definition – Google offers, “instrumental music played by a small ensemble, with one player to a part, the most important form being the string quartet which developed in the 18th century.”  One player to a part – that seems to be the key, and I didn’t know it until this morning!  Teacher tells me she very much enjoys playing chamber music.

The conference is in Naperville, so it’s a bit of a trek.  I also have to make sure work isn’t a conflict for that day.  I’m starting to look forward to this!

Thanks for reading.



  1. That sounds great!! A perfect opportunity!! Can’t wait to hear updates . I’m sure you will learn a lot and love it.

  2. Glad to hear you are doing this. You’ll be surprised how addictive “playing with others” becomes. Expect to be overwhelmed and feel like you are holding on for dear life. But press on and watch your musical growth go through the roof.

  3. […] to my back pain extravaganza, I registered quite late for the chamber music festival I mentioned a while back. I missed the deadline, and while Teacher said that would probably be OK […]

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