Well I haven’t played since last Thursday, a whole week.  The reason is I’m nursing a seriously messed up back.  I have been alternating between flat on my back and walking pitifully since Friday.  I did get some pain meds from the doctor, but the healing has been slow going.  Yesterday I went back to work, but I have yet to pick up the violin, and I don’t’ think it’s going to happen this morning either – I need to save myself for work.

It’s been quite terrible, and as an incredibly active person it’s been even worse to see us have a great run of warm weather that would typically have me out there eating it up (aren’t horrible episodes of pain supposed to occur in the dead of winter anyway?), but the body has other ideas.

I’ve been writing less these past couple of months as work has me pretty busy and I’ve been putting my musical moments toward practicing, but I think this back pain kicked me out for longer than I’ve been before.  We’re also having some internet problems, so I’m doing this via tethering on the phone.

All that to say this past week has not been the most musical for me.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. […] years, but it’s been relatively minor, causing minimal impact on my day to day.  As I wrote in my last post, however, minimal is not how I would describe the impact of the current episode, which has kept me […]

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