I’m Playing This?

When I got home from work last night I gushed to Michael about beginning Paganini in my morning lesson (I also gushed to co-workers all day long about beginning Paganini in my morning lesson).  It occurred to me to think back to my start with Teacher and the Suzuki method, and to consider my expectations of what I would be playing.  I know for certain that I never would have expected Paganini within a year.  I’d have called someone crazy for suggesting it.  But I had no clue what I would be playing; I thought it would be scales and simple folk tunes, I suppose, as it was when I was a kid.

So I really thought about it – if you would have told me a year ago I was indeed going to do this thing I set out to do, get a teacher, start playing the violin again, make good progress, what would I have said my expectations were?  I truly have no idea.  This playing the violin thing was quite abstract in my head.  I knew nothing of the Suzuki method, of the pedagogue’s penchant for teaching real classical music.

I was tickled about encountering classical music for the first time so early, back in February – that was my first Bach, and it’s been all classical ever since.  As a beginner adult, it’s really nice to be playing real music.  I didn’t have much appreciation for it as a kid – I could have been playing pop for all I cared.  But I did set out a year ago hoping to be able to play real classical music one day, and Suzuki has delivered.

Sharps and flats and naturals and hooked bowing and arpeggios – those are the stuff of Paganini’s The Witch’s Dance.  It’s a playful romp, and will be beyond delightfully fulfilling once I’ve worked it up.   So on to that.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. […] song, as I mentioned in a prior post, has all sorts of accidentals – departures in a sharp or flat direction from notes in the base […]

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