Practice Makes Better

Unlike my horrible week prior, this past week I got in enough practice sessions, so I’m looking forward to today’s lesson.  Perhaps I’m looking forward to it a little more than usual – The Witch’s Dance, by Paganini, is my next song, and it’s likely that today is the day I’ll start it.  I’m not going to go on and on about Paganini – clearly I have already.  Shortly I’ll be doing a little research on the song, as always, and I haven’t actually written anything about the man himself yet, other than to note his towering stature, so I’ll probably do some of that too.

I was talking to Michael last night about my playing – I decided I’m in what I called a high growth period.  I’m having a blast and making lots of progress.  I think playing with accompaniment has been a big help, but really I’m just still quite early into this project and my learning curve has not evened out.  Eventually I’ll stop progressing rapidly, but in the meantime it’s sure fun to experience.

That’s what I, and I suspect many, didn’t get as a kid – playing the violin IS practicing the violin.  I even say that most days, as in, “I’m going to play my violin.”  In the abstract I can say “practice,” as in, “I sure need to practice my violin.”  But normally I’m just playing.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. And I should have your accompaniment to you early next week!! Sorry it’s taken so long:(

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