Getting Classical Up In Here

A supremely busy week has me just getting around to noting something wonderful. Twinkle Twinkle notwithstanding, I have begun to play my first classical piece of music – a Bach Minuet.  When I started down the violin road, people would ask me, “Are you going to play fiddle or violin.”  The answer is violin.  I want to play classical music.  And now I am doing it.

Also in the lesson, Teacher confirmed the savage Chicago winter is at least partly responsible for my difficulty in tuning.  She had trouble with my A string too, and applied a compound to the peg while re-winding it around the peg to make it more usable.

It was another great lesson.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. […] was tickled about encountering classical music for the first time so early, back in February – that was my first Bach, and it’s been all classical ever since.  As a beginner adult, it’s […]

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