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The Terrific Twos: An Anniversary

Two years ago today – October 14, 2013 – I began this blog and started down a new musical path as an adult.  Of course it’s quite easy to start something like playing the violin or writing a blog, and it’s also quite easy to lose motivation just out of the gate.  On that October […]

Back to School?

The New Horizons String Orchestra is an organization that formed at the Eastman School of Music to allow non-professional, non-traditional student musicians the opportunity to participate in orchestras.  It’s a nationwide organization, with instantiations in 90 or so different locales.  Locally, there is one at DePaul University just down the road from me in Lincoln […]

My First Recital

This morning I received a link to the video embedded below – a recording of the “Never too Late” recital from my fun-filled day-long chamber music festival held in Naperville a few weeks ago.  It was created by folks from Naperville’s robust public access station – they had three cameras in the building – they […]

A Milestone

My memories from when I played the violin as a child are limited and specious – I very much wish my recollections of those third through sixth grade years were stronger.  But one thing that sticks well in the brains of humans is anticipation, and as a youngster, I definitely remember anticipating this important thing […]

Hardware Update

Teacher was heading out to the burbs to see the luthier yesterday, and she generously offered to take my bow along.  I’m so grateful – it saves me a trip out there!  I needed to get the grip re-wound, as the leather has deteriorated with age and is splitting.  The wire wrapping is also starting […]

To Read Is To Spar

Wohlfahrt’s Opus 45 is a book of etudes – pieces composed for the technical skills they build in their players.  So I assumed that’s why Teacher wanted me to get it – as a tool to help me improve my technical skills.  But in yesterday’s lesson she told me that she has another quite concrete […]

The New D

Tone is a funny thing – of course at this stage of my playing I chalk every deficit in my tone production up to my level of experience.  I’m a beginner on this instrument, and the pursuit of beautiful tone is something violinists struggle with forever.  But overall I’ve been relatively pleased with my progress, […]