The New Case

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As I noted when it first arrived, I have needed a new case since my father-in-law shipped me my violin.  I did a lot of searching and finally found one I liked, but it was on backorder, so it has taken a while for it to come.  I didn’t need a particularly high-end super impact-resistant, drop it from a helicopter kind of case with retina scan access.  I don’t take it anywhere; it lives in my living room, where I also practice and have lessons.

So, I’ll be honest – I focused almost exclusively on form.  I love the looks of this thing.  And the violin fits!  It’s a houndstooth brown/cream exterior with brown faux leather trim, brass accents and nice supple leather handles.  Inside it’s mostly brown velvet.  There’s a hygrometer, which at present tells me I need to worry about dry air, and two bow slots.  The accessory compartment just barely holds my shoulder rest – I sweated it a bit until I realized I could put the thing in feet up and it fits fine.  It has a latch mechanism to cover the spot where the zippers come together, and an exterior pocket that adds a nice curve to the design and would hold some music.  It also has a shoulder strap I’ll keep stashed away for those rare moments I have to haul it somewhere.

It’s actually the second case I’ve tried  – I put one on an Amazon Wish List at Christmas, and my parents purchased it for me, but when I got it home my violin would not fit inside.  I shipped it back, added the cash that both of my grandmothers gave me for Christmas, and purchased this one instead.  Thanks Mom and Dad and Grandma and Nana!

The state of my stuff is really coming along.  I would like to try a new rosin, and I would like to get a non-phone ap electronic tuner.  Other than that, I think I’m set.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. […] to older instruments (well, carelessness, I suppose, is the biggest risk!).  The hygrometer in my spiffy new case reports virtually no humidity in our little condo.  My skin feels it too. The humidifier I ordered […]

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