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Violin Dreams

I don’t remember my dreams too often, but I wrote once before about a dream that involved my violin, and last night I had another.  Details are sketchy, but I was roaming a dream-world warren of rooms dodging children and other people as I tried to find a place to play uninterrupted.  As the others […]

Family Music

We’re just back from our annual Christmas trip to see the family in Wichita, KS – the weather on the return leg of the journey turned our one day road trip into two, with an unplanned stay in ice-blanketed Cameron, MO on Monday night, but otherwise the trip was wonderful and we had a great […]

My First Recital

This morning I received a link to the video embedded below – a recording of the “Never too Late” recital from my fun-filled day-long chamber music festival held in Naperville a few weeks ago.  It was created by folks from Naperville’s robust public access station – they had three cameras in the building – they […]

Chamber Music and a Concert Hall Debut

Saturday’s “Never too Late” chamber music festival in Naperville was a blast.  I had a wonderful day meeting people passionate about music, spending time with Teacher, and, yes, making some chamber music.  The festival was nicely organized – our groups were pre-assigned so we could work on our parts for the music prior to the […]

Ryan Plays Chamber Music?

I have the opportunity to go to a day-long conference on August 15 for people like me interested in exploring chamber music.  Teacher says the adult track at this chamber music event was created by a woman who was older when she began playing.  I’m not sure if she plays the violin, but she calls […]

Family Christmas Recital

After dinner was done and the gifts were all opened last night at my family Christmas gathering, we took a few minutes to make some music.  We began with a carol sing-along, accompanied by my Supremely Gifted Musical Sister at Mom’s piano.  In anticipation of our annual musical moment, I brought my violin along imagining […]