My First Recital

This morning I received a link to the video embedded below – a recording of the “Never too Late” recital from my fun-filled day-long chamber music festival held in Naperville a few weeks ago.  It was created by folks from Naperville’s robust public access station – they had three cameras in the building – they mean business!

In the first workshop of the day when we were just getting going with our music the coach for the session (who also happened to be the festival organizer) was helping me make my part more approachable, and she was slightly worried about my ego as she simplified the music for me – I told her to fear not – where this instrument is concerned ego is not really something that I’ve developed yet!

At the same time, posting it here sure feels like a “putting my money where my mouth is” moment.  My trio, the most beginner of the bunch, is first up – I’m center stage:

Thanks for reading.



  1. Julie Libel · · Reply

    That was wonderful! So happy they did the video for everyone. Especially those of us so far away. Great work, Ryan!

  2. Thanks! It was such a great day!

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