Picking up Where I Left Off

The week away did not seem to have much of an impact on my playing.  Most surprisingly, I seem to have been able to return to my newest piece, a Bourree by Handel, right where I left off.  My brain seems to have kept it in place, which was not what I expected at all, considering I do not yet have it memorized.  Rather than starting that one from scratch as I thought I would, yesterday I was sight reading it just as well as I was when last I played it.

As I mentioned in a prior post, I’m playing catch-up on the aural channel, having not had the Suzuki CD for Book One – I am listening to the Book 2 CD quite a bit.  I think it helps a whole lot for memorizing the songs; with this Bourree in particular I’ve been doing a lot of listening.  Also, the composition just flows so well its patterns are easy for me to hear.

Listening to a tune 50 times or so will cause patterns emerge regardless of the melody, I suppose!

Thanks for reading.


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