Monthly Archives: August 2015

Chamber Music and a Concert Hall Debut

Saturday’s “Never too Late” chamber music festival in Naperville was a blast.  I had a wonderful day meeting people passionate about music, spending time with Teacher, and, yes, making some chamber music.  The festival was nicely organized – our groups were pre-assigned so we could work on our parts for the music prior to the […]

Not Simple

While I do know these songs I’m scrambling to prepare for the Chamber Music Festival tomorrow, I am not playing the melody.  My part in Simple Gifts is not too bad at all – I can basically sight read it smoothly and without major problems. Amazing Grace, however, is quite a bit more complicated.  During […]

Two Songs in Two Days

I received the music for the Chamber Music Festival last night, and I’m itching to practice.  Happily, they are tunes with which I’m quite familiar – Amazing Grace, for which I’ll be playing the violin 2 part, and Simple Gifts, for which I’ll play violin 1.  Neither of my parts is the top melody line […]

Patience But

I have been accepted into the Saturday Chamber Music workshop in Naperville despite my late registration, but I still have no music.  The coordinator e-mailed me late last night and indicated she would send me music this morning.  I sure hope so!  I really need to get going on it.  Serendipitously, Teacher moved today’s lesson […]

Chamber of One?

Due to my back pain extravaganza, I registered quite late for the chamber music festival I mentioned a while back. I missed the deadline, and while Teacher said that would probably be OK (she checked with the organizers) the main practical effect is that I have not had the same amount of time with the […]

Roman Totenberg’s Stradivarius Recovered

It’s rare to get away with stealing a Stradivarius, but that’s exactly what happened with Roman Totenberg’s 1734 Ames Stradivarius in 1980 – the thief, a currently unnamed and deceased man suspected by Totenberg all along until the musician’s death, left the instrument to a family member who had it appraised back in June only […]

Back at It

I have been so fortunate for most of my life as far as health goes – occasionally my back has given me fits over the years, but it’s been relatively minor, causing minimal impact on my day to day.  As I wrote in my last post, however, minimal is not how I would describe the […]