I Love Books

Teacher gave me a shopping list last week.  In addition to Suzuki Book Three (which I’ve already got and am listening to like a good Suzuki Kid), she recommended three supplements to the Suzuki series for this stage of my playing.  They are books of exercises; they should arrive tomorrow.  Based on the reviews online, all three look to be staples of the pedagogical repertoire for the violin.  They are, in no particular order:

  • Opus 45 by Wohlfahrt, 60 Studies for the Violin. This is a classic work of etudes, short pieces composed primarily to help students work technical details.
  • Introducing the Positions, Volume 1, by Harvey Whistler. This book helps students with 3rd and 5th position shifting – I’m quite excited to start climbing up these strings!
  • Progressive Scale Studies for Violin, by Linda Rose. This is a book of scales, which will help me understand keys and become more proficient making them sound decent.

I told Teacher not to be shy about asking me to buy books – it’s not like these things come with law library price tags – not a-one of them cost more than ten bucks.

Thanks for reading.


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