Now that I’ve landed on the final piece of Book Two I don’t know what’s next.  Happily, Book Three came yesterday, so I immediately opened the CD and loaded it into my iTunes and started listening.  Suzuki’s big plan included lots of listening to the music in the repertoire – learn what it’s supposed to sound like then you can better make it sound like that.  Makes some sense.

The book opens with a Gavotte by Martini, which sounds fun, and then there’s a reprisal from Book One – the piece Suzuki calls Minuet 3, by Bach.  He brings it back and embellishes big time.  This time it’s just called Minuet, and, while it’s my old friend, now there’s a second minuet added to it, a complex and lovely sounding variation.  It’s a bit intimidating.

Book Three is the book of vibrato and position shifting.  It has optional embellishments throughout the music.  There are some double stops.  Harmonics appear.  In other words, this book gets real.

And Humoresque is piece number 4.  I’m listening again right now.

Thanks for reading.


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