You Gotta Have Strings

Well it’s been a terrible few days for me in violin land.  I have not played since Saturday, when I got in a quick 45 minute practice session.  The main reason is my broken A string, compounded by the blizzard – I wrote I would head to the burbs to visit the luthier on Tuesday, but couldn’t make that work with my schedule, so I do still have to get some maintenance done on the bow.  I did, however, manage to get to another local store and get a string.  My bow, with its slowly disintegrating grip, certainly still works fine, but, let’s face it, you gotta have all the strings in order to play at all!

I was a little worried about putting on a string by myself since I’ve never done it before.   But my pegs occasionally loosen and I have to wind the strings back up to full tension, which is almost like changing a string, so I’ve done that many times.  I’ve also watched a couple of videos on changing strings, so decided I could accomplish this on my own.  It ended up being easier than I thought – I did that Tuesday night, but it was too late to practice.  Yesterday my schedule also conspired to keep me away.

So I’m getting ready to play on the new string for the first time, and I’m wondering if I’ll be able to perceive any difference.  We’ll see!

Thanks for reading.


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