Inbox Delight

I came home from a long day yesterday to find a lovely present in my e-mail inbox – the accompaniment tracks I asked my pianist sister to record for me!  Of course I played my violin before I dealt with e-mail last night, so I didn’t play with them yesterday.  How lovely will it be to make music with my sister?  I hatched this plan very shortly after getting the Suzuki CDs and thinking it would be much more fun to play with someone I know!

So now I have an added incentive to get The Witch’s Dance into play-through condition.  In the meantime, I’m excited to do some more traditional dancing with my sister – a waltz and a bouree beckon.

Thanks for reading.



  1. So glad you asked me to do them:) I thought about recording the whole book soon for you–we will chat about that! Really want to do it at Christmas together–there’s always room for a little ol’ violin in the car, right??:)

  2. in MOST cars… (-: THANK YOU again!

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