Bourree on Repeat

If Dr. Suzuki insisted on something besides practice practice practice, it was listen listen listen.

I did not take that to heart in Book One; I never had the CD that demos the songs.  But Book Two arrived with a CD, so I’ve been playing catch-up on the aural channel.  I’ve created an iTunes playlist that has all my accumulating Book Two tunes in it, and I listen to it quite a bit.

Today’s lesson will bring a new song – Bourree, by Handel, so I just added that one to my playlist.  I’m currently sitting with headphones listening to the song on repeat in anticipation of getting the first few lines.  It’s a lovely tune, containing what sounds like the first passage I’ll work with that goes a little minor on the rest of the piece.  I’m not too sure about that though – I’ll be interested to see what the music looks like here in a couple of hours.  It’s a great song, majestic yet airy at the same time.

In the next couple of days I’ll dig in and figure out what Bourree means and what Handel was up to – I think I remember Teacher saying it’s yet another type of dance –  but today I’ll just listen and play.

Thanks for reading.


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