Bad Habits and Rulers

I love to teach – in teaching most anything, part of the equation is knowing when to give feedback – people can receive only so much; knowing what to say and when is crucial.

Knowing when to identify a mistake, for example, and call it out is very important – sometimes the student knows what to do, is trying to do it right, and is just struggling to be perfect.  In those moments, it’s often best if the teacher can be quiet.  But if the student repeatedly makes a mistake and clearly is not attempting to do the right thing, then a correction might be in order.  Another part of the equation is whether or not the issue in question is a critical one – is it the most significant bit of feedback the student needs right now?

Musette is a fun Book 2 Bach tune I’ve been playing for a few weeks – last week teacher noticed I was shortening two slurred notes – they are supposed to be quarter notes and I’m doing eighths.  Perfectly, she corrected me, and I’ve been noticing every time I fly by them ever since.  I go right back and do it again.  Every time.  Every time.  Every time.

OK, yes, I’m a bit surprised at the degree to which the eighths managed to lodge themselves in my brain after just a few weeks.  I haven’t even had the song memorized for more than 10 days.  You’d think correcting one little thing (it comes up about 8 times in the piece) would be easy.  Here it comes again…..d’oh – missed it.

WHACK goes the ruler.

Thanks for reading.


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