Warming Up Is Playing

So far, I’m still starting all my practice sessions with Twinkle Twinkle.  I then play all the songs I’ve learned to date in succession, often repeating ones that aren’t coming out right that day.  I will throw in scales and arpeggios often, especially if I think I need to be more in tune.  I do consider it a warm-up, but I’m also just playing the violin; it’s practice.  It’s while playing songs I know best that I can make the best sound.

When I get to my newest song, the one I’m working on hardest, I focus in like a laser.  I drill little parts over and over; I get a little lost in it sometimes.  Time can pass quite quickly.  Mostly, this part of my practice session sounds terrible.

I guess I just find it ironic that I sound much better “warming up.”

Thanks for reading.


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