Lament, Excitement

My work life is crazy busy right now; it always is at the end of the year.  Sadly this past week, I found that too many twelve hour days can be incompatible with other pursuits.  For the first time since I brought it home, I went two days without playing the violin.  I don’t want to beat myself up too much – life often gets in the way of best intentions – but I find it significant and I definitely missed it and don’t want to let it pass without mention.  But I’ll be practicing by 10 am today, and straight through to my Wednesday lesson I have a clear line of sight to daily practice.

On another subject, I anticipate the arrival of the family violin I mentioned in a prior post via FedEx tomorrow.  I look forward to getting it and having it checked out.  At a bare minimum the bow needs to be re-haired – I’m hopeful it will be playable, but I won’t know until the professionals tell me.  I’m trying to temper my excitement.

Thanks for reading.


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