Music and Wellness

I often write for my organization’s e-newsletter.  One of our features is “Violence Prevention Field Notes” – the issue we’re releasing next Friday will  contain this:

Last month, I was co-teaching a wellness workshop with a colleague for a group of pre and neo-natal service providers from Ounce of Prevention, a local non-profit organization. One of our activities during wellness workshops is a “Wellness Wheel.” I always do the activity along with workshop participants, so I’ve completed several of these wheels over the years. The idea is simple – we rank ourselves on various dimensions like food, exercise, hobbies, etc., and the degree to which we have a balance of healthy activities in our lives ends up being reflected in the degree to which the “wheel” we create is perfectly round. No honest person ends up with a perfectly round wheel, but this time I noticed I had made some progress evening mine out, and I instantly knew why. As I shared with the workshop participants, I just started playing the violin again after a 25 year hiatus, and it’s bringing me tons of joy on a daily basis. I was happy to be able to share with the group my story of how re-igniting an old flame has benefited my overall health and wellness! I must admit, teaching our health and wellness workshops sometimes feels more like fun than work.

Thanks for reading.


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