Sledgehammer Symphony


You never know where you’ll encounter a beat-up old piano.  Yesterday I snapped this picture at a sports club for kids.  The club also does some dance lessons I think, so I assume that’s why this raggedy beauty lives there.

Sometimes when they get raggedy, people paint them.  This one has been painted, but not recently.  At some Hard Rock Café somewhere one time (Who can distinguish between Hard Rock experiences?),  I saw an old console that used to belong to Elton John that was all painted up flower child lovely.

But, let’s face it, not every old piano was owned by a superstar, and sometimes pianos can be a burden.  They are quite hard to move, they take maintenance, and if you happen to get stuck with one and you don’t play, then it’s a dust collector that takes up a ton of space!

When I was a kid growing up in Kansas, we had a carnival-style way of getting rid of them.  It saddened me even then – we called it a Piano Bash.  Someone would donate an old piano to a church or a school and people would pay a buck or two to take a swing at it with a sledgehammer.  I haven’t been to the type of event that would feature such a thing in decades, so I don’t know whether anyone is still doing it.

The condemned pianos must have been beyond repair – the soundboards cracked or something truly tragic – I know that’s what my mom told me when I raised an objection at some point in my childhood.  But cosmetics aren’t too important.  As long as the one above can hold a tune I hope nobody takes a sledgehammer to it.

Thanks for reading.


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