Daily Bread

Three days in and I have a perfect track record – just over 30 minutes a day practicing.  While I didn’t ask Teacher how much to practice, nor did she say, I think that’s a fine place to start.

As I stand at my huge window that looks out over Lake Michigan, playing my violin makes me feel grateful.  The universe has been kind to me.

I’ve long thought about incorporating meditation into my morning ritual, and have never done it.  When I was younger, I used to think a daily devotional was in order – some daily deepening of my relationship with the divine.  There was a publication that my grandpa and grandma used called “Daily Bread,” which provided a scripture and a brief exposition with which to begin a day, so that was one model.  Another was simply reading from the Bible followed by prayer.  Even when I was  a believer, I couldn’t make that work for me for whatever reasons.

But this is feeling right.  My violin practice is becoming my Daily Bread.

Thanks for reading.


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